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ABH Car Wash uses only the best  Simoniz Car Care Products in our Car Wash and Detailing services to ensure premium quality for your vehicle!



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our Paint Sealant

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The primary purpose of a Simoniz Paint Sealant  is to properly protect the vehicle from the elements. Simoniz Paint Sealant is designed to bond to your paint and provide a long lasting protection, based on how often the vehicle is washed. It usually lasts significantly longer than traditional wax which is typically only 3 to 8 weeks.

Simoniz Paint Sealant helps minimize contamination from penetrating through your paint, also helps maintaining your vehicle significantly easier. It will also enhance your paint by giving it a much deeper gloss.

This Procedure includes the following:

- Full Service Hand Car Wash with Simoniz Foam & Shine
- Wheel arches are cleaned with Simoniz Crush Plus
- All wheels are cleaned to remove brake dust using coned wheel brushes that remove all embedded contaminants
- Your vehicle will then be dried with BRAND NEW, FRESH OUT OF THE BOX microfiber drying towels.
-We apply 2-3 coats of Simoniz Paint Sealant to increase the strength and durability of your paint.  The most important part is to apply more     than one coat. We also wait a minimum of 60 minutes between each coating to cure. Most sealants will cure within 1-2 hours
- All paintwork, including door jambs are cleansed with a pre-wax cleaner​
- A minimum of two layers of Carnauba wax is applied to all paintwork, including all door jambs
- Tires, all exterior non painted surfaces are cleaned and conditioned 
- Exterior windows and mirrors are cleaned and polished
- Water sealant treatment is applied to all exterior windows
- Chrome and stainless steel surfaces are polished
- This service also includes a Full Interior Detail and Leather Cleaning and Conditioning at no additional charge

Paint sealing your vehicle will leave a hard coat and long lasting protection to your paint.

This service provides the highest level of paint sealing for your vehicle.

It significantly improves the finish of your vehicle by removing road grime, scratches and paint defects. Typically this will eliminate 70-90% of all paint defects. 

This coating will keep your vehicle protected for a long period of time from harsh weather conditions such as acid rain, road grime, tar, bugs, snow and salt accumulation. Water will bead up on your car!

This detail will give your vehicle that New Car feeling again!

Please note that all vehicles are subject to additional cost which Management will assess